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Meringue Whipped Coffee

Dalgona Coffee with Délice Glacé Confetti Crunch Meringues
Meringue whipped Coffee

I love working in my commercial kitchen but my chaotic home kitchen is where the real magic happens. Every new recipe starts here, where my kids and I jostle for counter space and vie for time at the mixer. This meringue whipped coffee is a recipe that we all enjoyed working on together.

A few weeks back, my twelve year old got on the Whipped Coffee bandwagon and the created this Dalgona coffee for me but because he knows me well he decided to add some of my meringues to it. Genius! A perfect afternoon pick me up. If you love coffee, the combination of strong, hot whipped coffee with sweet crunchy meringues folded into it, scooped on top of ice cold milk will be your new favorite coffee dessert. This dessert is gluten free and can also be adapted to be dairy free and fat free depending on the type of milk you choose to use.

I should mention, that both my boys collaborated to make this video and that the gorgeous insta-worthy shot above was taken by Tahm @couleure_photography.


2 Tbs Instant Coffee

2 Tbs boiling water

2 Tbs granulated sugar

1 Cup ice cubes

1 Cup cold dairy or nondairy milk

1 Pack Confetti Crunch Meringues


Makes two servings.

Add the coffee, hot water and sugar and whip with a hand mixer or stand mixer. It takes some time so be patient and don't give up.

Once whipped to the desired consistency, add three quarters of the pack of Confetti Crunch meringues.

Divide the ice and milk between two glasses.

Spoon the whipped coffee and meringue mixture on top of the milk and top with the reserved meringues.

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