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Azarmeen delice glace

My kids (Farah, Tahm and Zar) and I baking together.

Summer, 2019

Délice Glacé, is a BIPOC, woman owned and family run, artisanal confectionery that specializes in creating hand made French Meringues. 

In 2016 founder Azarmeen Pavri created a line of unique frozen meringue cakes that gained local acclaim in the San Francisco Bay Area. "However, I felt compelled to make the move from baking these celebration cakes to creating a line of French Meringues when I realized that something important was missing from store shelves in my local markets," says Azarmeen.


She became passionate about creating clean sweets and treats; made with minimal ingredients, minimal processing and without preservatives. Meringues are naturally gluten free, dairy free, nut free and fat free and thus fit the bill perfectly. Our entire line of meringues was first created by Azarmeen for her own children, who often baked and perfected recipes alongside her in their home kitchen. 


While our name is a nod to our roots, our line of shelf stable meringues has found a home on store shelves all over the United States.


Each one of our French Meringues is hand piped and crafted using natural flavors and real fruit. ALL our products are gluten free, fat free and dairy free. Our meringues are an irresistible low calorie sweet treat for those looking to snack responsibly. You can purchase them online or in fine foods and gift stores around the Bay Area and beyond.

We can't wait to share our family's passion for meringues with you! 

Azarmeen Pavri



Our Story


Farah and Tahm making meringues with me in the home kitchen, summer 2011

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