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Lemon Meringue "Quarantini"

The world is at home and we all have to work with whatever it is that we have in abundance. In my case, that's always meringues. Besides, many of us have trees laden with lemons right now so this was really the perfect drink to make on this Friday that marks our 4 weeks of being in shelter.

I do recommend using a good quality limoncello in this recipe. My mother-in-law brought me a bottle from Villa Massa in Sorrento (from when we were all hopping across world borders like pieces on a chess board) and I've been dying to create something with this gorgeously fragrant liquor.

Clearly life has given us lemons right now so let us make a boozy lemon meringue drink. I'm not quite sure if this is a martini, all I know is that it tastes just like lemon meringue pie. Its pucker up tartness is off set by the sweetness of the meringue. The recipe is really just a guide so feel free to adjust to your taste. The quantities below serve two.


2 oz vodka*

2 oz limoncello*

Juice of one large lemon

4 heaped tablespoons lemon curd

1 Cup ice cubes

6 Confetti Crunch Meringues


Mix all the ingredients together and give them a good shake in a cocktail shaker.

Float three Confetti Crunch Meringues on your drink

If you have a blowtorch flame the meringues lightly to toast them just a bit.

*Can substitute with simple syrup

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