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Eton Mess with Délice Glacé meringues

I can trace my love affair with meringues to my first bite of Eton Mess- that quintessential English dessert that is the perfect melange of plump, juicy strawberries, crunchy meringue and clouds of sweet whipped cream.

It was on a warm London evening in July some thirty odd years ago when my Aunt placed an enormous bowl for my cousin and me to share. Two spoons were plunged into the depths of a cool pink tinged fluff, that to the delight of my taste buds, was equal parts crunchy and smooth, sweet and sour. One bite and all my intentions of politely sharing this ethereal dessert were abandoned. I hope that my meringues and this easiest of dessert recipe can make you equally passionate about meringues and meringue desserts. This gluten free dessert comes together in mere minutes and is the perfect sweet end to a summer meal.


Fresh Strawberries 100g

Fresh raspberries 100g

1/2 Cup heavy cream

1 bag Délice Glacé rose meringues

1 bag Délice Glacé Confetti Crunch Meringues


Makes five small servings.

Hull and chunk the strawberries

Crush three rose meringues to make meringue dust.

Macerate strawberries with rose meringue dust. Reserve rest of the rose meringues

Blend the raspberries to create a chunky raspberry sauce.

Whip the chilled cream.

Fold in the strawberries and three quarters of the raspberry sauce.

Fold in all the Confetti Crunch Meringues and the remaining rose meringues.

Serve immediately.

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