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Easy summer meringue desserts!

Summer is here! The kiddos are out of school, the grill is all fired up and the pool beckons. Who wants to be stuck in the kitchen at a time like this? And yet summer is all about entertaining so you better make sure that you have some easy desserts under your belt to serve up after the hot dogs and burgers have been demolished. Here are some super easy and refreshing meringue desserts that we turn to every summer.

Our first go to is ALWAYS our Mini Pav shells that we fill with our favorite jams or curds, top off with a dollop of whipped cream or yogurt and some seasonal fruit. We filled this mini pavlova with homemade passion fruit curd ( you can purchase store bought - we won't tell!), a spoonful of creamy yogurt and topped it off with fresh ripe mangoes, a drizzle of fresh passion fruit pulp and topped with a passion fruit meringue.

If you want a dessert you can eat AND drink you can always whip up an iced frap and add a bunch of your favorite meringues. Blend any bottled iced coffee and ice, till you reach a creamy consistency much like a slushy; we add a splash of Baileys Liquor for a boozy kick! What takes this dessert to another level is the addition of your favorite meringues after you pour your frappuccino into glasses. We suggest using either Confetti Crunch, Chocolate or Rainbow Vanilla meringues because these pair best with the natural bitterness of coffee. Don't forget a fun straw and a spoon!

"You know what else everybody likes? Parfait." Donkey said it best in Shrek and we like to believe that he was referring to our meringue parfaits. Just layer whatever you have on hand, yogurt (plain or flavored), whipped cream or coconut cream, add a layer of ANY of our crushed meringues and a layer of your favorite fruit and viola! Instant dessert delivered in minutes. While literally any of our meringues are ideal for parfaits we have a few favorite parfait combos. We recommend using our Bulgarian Rose meringues to make a rose, raspberry and pistachio parfait or pairing Icelandic Skyr with fresh summer berries and Confetti Crunch or Rainbow Vanilla Meringues.


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