My kids (Farah, Tahm and Zar) and I baking together.

Summer, 2019

I was twelve when my friend and I attempted to make meringues with a hand beater on a humid summer afternoon in tropical Karachi! Predictably that attempt was ill fated.


Many years later I found myself trying again. This time on a cloudless, California winter morning with my first born child by my side. We made clouds of crisp French meringue for her preschool's Valentine's Day party.

After the birth of my third child I found myself exchanging my Phd thesis for more time with my young children. This inevitably meant that I spent a lot of time in the kitchen baking meringues and becoming ever more creative with them.

At some point friends and family started requesting my meringues and frozen meringue cakes for their celebrations and Délice Glacé was born. 

Not much has changed in the fourteen years since I became obsessed with meringues. My children and I still bake together. Our mixer might be faster and our sheet pans might be a little bigger but our recipes are still the same and all our creations are handmade in small batches. 

Each one of our French Meringues is handmade using natural flavors and real fruit. Our meringues are gluten free, fat free and dairy free. You can purchase these online or in fine foods stores around the Bay Area. 


Délice Glacé is also home to the original frozen meringue cakes. All cakes are naturally gluten free and each one is a custom creation for individual customers.

Order online or give us a call. We can't wait to share our passion for meringues with you! 

Azarmeen Pavri



Farah and Tahm making meringues with me in the home kitchen, summer 2011